Our Brand

Eternal Butterfly is a trusted, premium lifestyle brand, and a go-to source for trendy and affordable styles. Be bold, be beautiful. Shop Eternal Butterfly's collections today. 

Our Story

This brand was created to be inclusive. Butterflies show
growth, change, and evolution. A caterpillar enters its cocoon to begin a phase of transformation. This has to be done alone. Alone can bring about feelings of void, rejection, and lack but this is not the case. This has to be done with no outside interference. This process birthed the brand—Eternal Butterfly. Coupling the phases of growth, isolation, change, character realignment, a butterfly. Knowing after it leaves its cocoon the garden is their own to explore but even
the world. Eternal is everlasting. Eternal Forever.

Love Forever Initiative

Giving back is important to us as well as helping others feel good. We have several initiatives in place that we will be kicking off soon. Stay tuned for updates.